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Office Rubbish Removal

Office Rubbish Removal in Melbourne

Have you got unsightly waste on your business premises? Are you concerned about hazards, health risks or environmental damage? Fortunately, Care Rubbish Removals is a reliable provider of office rubbish removal in Melbourne. Our experienced and enthusiastic team work to a high standard and can be trusted to deliver excellent results. From shop rubbish removal and warehouse rubbish removal to end of lease rubbish removal for an office, there’s nothing we can’t help you with.

Office Rubbish Removal

A Comprehensive Service That Covers All of Your Needs

Our fully qualified and well-equipped team is proud to offer comprehensive office rubbish removal services. We can take all kinds of rubbish off your hands, removing potential hazards and freeing up space on your property. You can rely on us for the following types of rubbish removal:

  • Hard Rubbish – We can collect and dispose of old furniture and broken appliances that are taking up space. Hard rubbish we collect can include bed frames, mattresses, gym equipment and more.
  • Green Waste – We can deal with dead plants, old trees, excess mulch, unwanted flowers, unsightly weeds and more to keep your outdoor spaces tidy and presentable.

In addition, we can remove cardboard packaging and polystyrene. We also offer commercial rubbish dump and asbestos collection for construction sites that need to remove debris. Whether you need a once-off commercial and office rubbish collection or regular commercial rubbish removal, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our service.

A Leading Melbourne-Wide Provider of Office Junk Removal

We pride ourselves on delivering office rubbish removal Melbourne-wide. Businesses of all types and sizes can count on us to be prompt, thorough, efficient, honest and eco-conscious. We also have a new warehouse and storage facility that’s clean, dry, pest-free, secure and ready to accommodate your needs. Our professional office waste removal team can help ensure you comply with strict waste management guidelines which benefit you as well as the environment. You won’t be disappointed by what we can help you with.

A Sustainable Practice of Safe Recycling & Disposal

Our goal is to create more sustainable office waste removal practices. This means we collect, recycle and dispose of rubbish in a safe and responsible manner. In doing so, we ensure we have less of an impact on the environment and promote more efficient waste management solutions. This has the added benefit of saving costs in the long term for us and our clients.

A Fast & Affordable Service with No Hidden Costs

We want our office junk removal and office relocation services to be as accessible as possible. That’s why we charge less without compromising on quality or taking shortcuts. You can trust us to keep costs low and be honest about our prices, which means no hidden fees or charges. This transparency has allowed us to amass an impressive number of repeat customers who return again and again to use our services.

We often get asked questions about office rubbish that are tangentially related to the services we provide. We offer succinct and informative answers to these frequent queries which we hope will help you feel more informed. Whether you want to learn more about the effects of waste on the environment or ways you can manage and reduce waste at your business, we can help.

Book Office Rubbish Removal Today

If you need reliable office rubbish collection in Melbourne, you can’t go wrong choosing Care Rubbish Removals. Check out our contact page for more details about how you can get in touch with us to find out more, get a free quote, or book our office relocation services. Whether you choose to call us on 0410 462 641 or enquire online, we’ll do our best to answer your questions and assist you in a timely manner.

Why Us?
Affordable and Fast
Affordable and Fast

Our main company goal is to provide fast, cheap and reliable service to all customers.

Zero Damage Guarantee
Zero Damage Guarantee

We make sure that our removalists help our customers move furniture smoothly and safely, with zero damage to your furniture or your lovely house!

Help to Environment
Help to Environment

Australian rubbish removal prices may be higher than other countries, as we have very strict rules created in order to protect our government.

No Hidden Cost
No Hidden Cost

Our team does not support hidden costs. The price you agreed upon will be the price you pay when the job is done.


What People Say

Jinda Thai

A+++ service. Very professional. Thanks for your staff's effort today :)

Dan Sullivan

Affordable and easy waste removal

Ada Chen

I had experience with several removal companies and this one is definitely my favorite. Very, very wonderful packaging and outstanding service (they are so quick!) Strongly recommended.

Stephen Dinnell

Very happy with the service provided - they responded quickly to an urgent request and were very professional. Highly recommended

Angie Piotrowski

Professional and efficient Service. I'm very happy with the company and will definitely Recommend to family and friends 🙂

Nicola Wong

Great guy to deal with, arrived on time, decent price. They were efficient, reliable and professional. Would definitely book their service again. Highly recommended.

Pratista Yulianto

Spoke to Joe to help me with rubbish removal. Really happy with the response and service. Would I recommend? Definitely. 5 stars!

W Billy

Good service. The staff is efficient and easy to communicate. They helped a lot today. Most importantly the pricing is also lovely!

Mihyeon Lee

Professional service amid COVID lockdown. Quick, efficient and affordable pricing. Highly recommended and will use their service again. Thanks.

Esther AN

Hello, Two guys came to our warehouse and they are so friendly and nice Thank you:)

Vincent Chau

Good job! Highly recommended.

Ada Chen

I had experience with several removal companies and this one is definitely my favorite. Very, very wonderful packaging and outstanding service (they are so quick!) Strongly recommended.

Cemre Olcer

Joe and his team at Care Removalists were professional, compassionate and understanding of our situation. They were diligent, hardworking and their work was flawless. My entire family will use Care Removalists for any future rubbish removal. My family cannot thank Joe and his team for their time and efforts with our very difficult job. I will recommend Care Removalists to anyone seeking an affordable rubbish removal. Thank you Joe!

Figen figen

Care rubbish Removalist was so efficient and on time. The boys came to remove our junk/hard rubbish from our house. Cheap prices.. the boys worked very quietly without taking a break no loud music or swearing during working. THANK YOU GUYS for the great work. The boys were gentle even with the hard rubbish RESPECT and very careful with household items if you need aremovalist you can trust Care Rubbish. Their expertise working ethics shows in the great care they provide.Same day free quotes..Thank you Joe and the rest of the staff.We will call them again thats for sure... when we sort out more of our rubbish and when we move out. I cannot believe how honest and respectful they were. Thank you guys Figen from Mentone.

Kiwi Family

Extremely fast and cleared us out within minutes . Cheap and easy as well would 1000% recommend

Andrew Barling

Spoke to ray and very professional about their service and communications. Quick and efficient pick up. Good value for money.

Ezra J

Decent price and arrived on time.

Frank LAN

Great service with affordable price

Fat Kangaroo

Very good service and nice staff.

Qiushuang Wei

Excellent service and great communication.

Kyle Gabriel Calderon

Recommend these guys for sure! Will 100% be using these guys again! Zhang and Zhang were very professional, well presented and great communicators. They cleaned up my garage very fast and the booking procedure was very easy considering it was last minute. Great value for a job well done

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial waste refers to any waste produced by a business and/or its customers on its premises. This encompasses retail stores, office workplaces, school campuses, warehouses, construction sites, hospitality services, manufacturing and industrial processes, and more. Commercial waste is treated differently to domestic waste and has additional compliance requirements. This means it has to be disposed of in a certain way to reduce strain on and/or damage to the environment.

Efficient office waste management involves a lot more than just disposal. It also refers to how businesses manage and reduce how much waste is generated. There are numerous ways a business can minimise waste, such as composting, using recyclable products, eliminating single-use packaging, and going paperless. In addition, you can improve your waste management by keeping track of your waste levels, reusing what you can, donating unused products to local organisations, storing waste in secure locations such as suitable containers, implementing recycling programs, and incentivising employee or customer participation.

Office waste can have damaging effects on the environment when it’s not disposed of properly. This ranges from minor to severe depending on the type and volume of waste. Arranging commercial rubbish collection can help you avoid surface water contamination, air pollution, disease and hygiene concerns, and more. Every business has a responsibility to manage their waste in order to preserve natural ecosystems, protect wildlife and prevent pollution from entering the atmosphere.

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